Vitasol CJSC Historical Data


Closed joint stock company Vitasol was registered in the Russian Commercial State Register on October 26, 1996. On June 18, 2001 the administration of Borovsk district issued the re-registration certificate for Vitasol CJSC with main registration number 574. The tax registration certificate was issued on 21.06.2001 (No. 000394622). Vitasol CJSC General Director Mr Sergey Kuznetsov acts under the Company’s Charter. Average number of staff is 134 persons (data of year 2014).

Company’s benchmarks:

1992 – a group of experts from the “Soviet Institute of Scientific Research for physiology, biochemistry & animal nutrition” led by professor Kuznetsov founded “Mineral” company

1996 – “Mineral” company was transformed into Vitasol CJSC. Company’s profile activity is feed supplement production.

1997 –  Vitasol CJSC becomes prize winner of the All-Russian Exhibition Center. Later the company was winning annual prizes of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, as well as of other exhibition centers in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Beginning of reconstruction of the company’s main production unit – feed supplement hall.

1999-2000 – construction of a new modern office building

1999 – Vitasol CJSC laboratory was certified by Kaluga Metrology and Certification Center

2002 – the feed supplements production hall was launched

2003 – the production laboratory was transformed into test laboratory for quality evaluation of feeds & bioactive substances and was certified in ISO/MEC 17025 system

2004 – a new laboratory building with total area of 360 sq.m. was constructed, as well as a new accommodation facility with a health complex

2006 – winner of “100+1 best Russian products” regional competition

2008 – 3-d prize in “Innovations in feed stuff industry” competition, “Components for feed stuff production” nomination

2009 – 1-st prize in “Innovations in feed stuff industry” competition, “Feed stuffs & their components production technology” nomination. 2-d prize in the regional competition for awarding employers with the rank of high social responsibility. Winner of “100+1 best Russian products” regional competition. Winner of “Kaluga region best company” competition. License for pharmaceutical activity granted.

2011 – a warehouse with total area of 1,200 sq.m. and a dietary production hall were commissioned. A licence for pharmaceutical production obtained.

2012 – winner of “100 Russian best products” competition. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry delivered Vitasol CJSC a certificate as a trustworthy partner for business activity in Russia and abroad.

2013 – winner of Kaluga region Government prize for quality.

2014 – “Innovations in feed stuff industry”.

2015 – “Employer confidence certificate”. Issued by the State Labor Inspection in Kaluga region.

At present the company produces wide range of products: vitamin and mineral mixes, protein-vitamin & mineral supplements (PVMS), whole milk replacements, as well as premixes. All manufactured products are registered and certified in Russia and abroad. The company’s testing laboratory performs tests for detecting vitamins, mineral substances, amino-acids, antibiotics, as well as other indicators. At customer’s request feeds zootechnical analysis can be performed. The company performs scientific support of its products, delivers assistance for feeds analysis and for development of balancing supplements for every enterprise.

Quality requirements for feed supplements (mixes, pre-mixes) are determined by the specificity of the final product — the feed stuff. Quality feeds must contain all the components declared in the recipe with certain quality and activity, must not contain toxins, pathogenic fungi, foreign substances etc. The feeds must be homogenic, must have the required humidity and fineness. The quantity of feed supplements is generated at all stages of production activity — from concluding contracts for delivering raw materials until the moment when ready feeds arrive at consumers. Quality control of raw materials, of technological processes and products aims at providing manufacturing of products which comply with the requirements of regulatory documents and those of the consumer. The main requirements to the quality of finished products are set in the regulatory documents (GOST standards, technical specifications) for the products. The order by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture No. 48 dated April 1, 2005 sets a unified registration procedure for Russian and foreign feed supplements and pharmaceuticals for animals.

Vitasol CJSC performs its activity based on the following documents:

— the veterinary certification certifying the presence of veterinary and sanitary conditions for preparation and commercialisation of premixes, PVMS, veterinary medicinal products issued by the Veterinary committee of Kaluga region Government on 03.10.2012;

— the State registration certificate of animal feed supplement issued by the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) in 2013;

— the licence for producing medicinal preparations for veterinary use, issued on 06.12.2011 by Rosselkhoznadzor;

— certification confirming the compliance of Vitasol CJSC with the requirements presented to pharmaceutical production, as well as the presence of conditions for feed supplements production, issued by the Federal State Institution “All-Russian State Center for quality and standardisation of medicinal products for animals and feeds” (VGNK) on 07.12.2012;

— the licence for exercising pharmaceutical activity issued on 19.03.2009 by Rosselkhoznadzor;

— the sanitary & epidemiological opinion confirming the compliance with the State sanitary & epidemiological rules and regulations, issued on 19.03.2012 by the Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare;

— the testing laboratory accreditation certificate in the Analytical laboratories accreditation system, issued by the Federal Agency for technical regulation and metrology on 26.11.2014.